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News trends
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· The 16th training course on Basic knowledge and skills of mental health education for college counselors in Jilin Province was held in our school 2024-05-14 
· Our teachers and students won the highest awards in all groups of the first College Mental Health Micro-class Competition in Jilin Province 2024-05-06 
· The psychological education project of our university was selected as the excellent Ideological and Political Work project of the Ministry of Education in 2024 2024-04-15 
· "Let Good habits protect a better Life" theme publicity activity successfully concluded! 2024-03-29 
· The live activities of the 2024 International Day of Happiness have come to a successful conclusion 2024-03-20 

· Two students from our school were selected as the National Top 100 psychology Committee members 2023-11-20 
· Our school was approved as the first batch of universities in Jilin Province mental health education master studio cultivation unit 2023-11-17 
· The issuance of the "Helpline Resource Card" was successfully completed 2023-10-10 
· The work summary of the 2023 psychological Committee members and the selection of outstanding psychological committee members of the school were successfully concluded 2023-09-28 
· "Passionate Youth · Health Peer" |2023 Youth Health Peer Education Host Training (1) 2023-09-15 

· The school held the "Home-school Co-education · Help growth" class for parents of Grade 2023 freshmen 2023-09-08 
· The school holds training courses for mental health education teachers to improve their mental education ability 2023-08-21 
· The "June 26" International Day against Drug Abuse and Abuse has come to a successful conclusion! 2023-06-30 
· The theme lecture "Realizing Role Transformation, Opening a New Chapter of Career" was successfully concluded! 2023-06-27 
· The 17th College Student Mental Health Month was successfully concluded 2023-06-21 
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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


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